Nutrition - The tree of life

NutritionThe tree of life

  As an observer of life and nature the concept of nutrition is to my knowledge false and misunderstood.  These deep misunderstandings have emerges from years of misinformation and society division from nature.  Most of this as come from profit oriented multinational enterprise or mass food control of selective bargain. I see that cheap food produced in mass results in cheap and depleted human being.

   I for a fact advocate a plant base diet which is simple complete and wholesome.  Be understanding that animal flesh is not a bad thing but certainly not a center for nutritional purpose.  One thing come to my mind when you discuss the quality is the price.  If you don’t pay when you buy you’ll pay later in medical bills.  Don’t forget that if a company is looking to make money they will make cheap costing food.  They will try to make a tasty, low cost and in high quantity.   Which means that they don’t care if you get your nutrients and feel good after you hate it.

  In the human body there is every second 5 trillion chemical reactions[1].  They are the ones that create and shape your existence.   When you feed yourself  do it with the best.  When your body is well feed it will respond with making you feel good and looking good. 

  Your mind and your body.  The signal you send to your cells (stress, anxiety, joy, sadness...) is of major importance since every time one cell splits it’s self through it’s normal cycle will influence your future body[2].  As, this cycle continues on and on.  You are responsible for the way you are, live ,work, breathe, make love, workout and so on. 

  When you’re curious enough about health you’ll find food, supplements, equipment (Juice extractor), wise teaching and everything which suites your goal.  There is not much people that know about real food and respect the environment it’s been grown in.  Yet, the growing method and transportation method have tremendous consequences on the food quality. 

  Humility is a gift and when you take care of your own temple(your body) you’ll understand you don’t need to go to hell to appreciate heaven.  Don’t eat just to get calories in your body.  Understand the importance of what you put in that body.   Keep it simple and close to nature as possible.  If you can take the time to read the labels or the ingredients list if it’s too long find something else. 

 Find a natural store and then start to learn the ways of the gods.  When your body becomes clean it’s obvious that your thoughts will to.   So, slowly become a student of your own experience and the knowledge will emerge.  The vehicle you live in is the only one you have and it will bring you as far as you dream.  The good thing is that it’s never too late even with a foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin.  The transform action is possible. 

Bless you

Andre Audette

[1] Books chemical reaction
[2] Article on ice and mind

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