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The Ray Jones Article

It's been as long as the gym has been opened that I have seen Ray come and work out.  He has explained to me that his understanding of training comes down to constancy, dedication, and no excuses.
Ray is now 80 year of age.  He started working out at the gym when he was 72.  He says the weights started to get heavier when he got close to 76, but he also knows that other factors contributed to making him feel that way at the time.
This fall, Ray came back from a back surgery with a lot of pain.  Everyday he still stepped on the treadmill for as long as he could endure the pain, then he stepped off, and did it again.  He also did a bit of bicycle, a few machines then left and came back the day after.  Even if the pain seemed so bad that I could feel it myself, Ray came back week after week.
·       I feel better now, says Ray. I can train for about one hour and a half with much less pain. I believe that the gym is the reason I can still speak with you today.
Ray also had a big problem with his neck because of a bad fall last year.
·       I broke my neck last fall, he told me. Now all that's left is a little bit of a problem with the use of my hands.
Sure mowing the lawn, working in the garden and going up the hill a few times now and then is good exercise, but nothing is better than having a routine of exercises that you do week after week, says Ray!
And to this matter I would add that being healthy is not something you have, it's something that requires self-discipline and learning about yourself through every step of the process.
Thanks Ray, you have inspired many and your smile is unmatchable.


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